Ronald M. Roncone, DDS, MS 

Born:    September 14, 1943  
Married:  Elizabeth Roncone 
Children:  Four sons, One daughter (Christopher, Erik, Jonathon, Alexander and Bridgette) 
Step-Children: Three sons (Jason, Joshua and Jacob)    

1983–1990  Visiting Lecturer UCLA School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, California 
1970–1971   Assistant Professor of Orthodontics, University of Maryland School of Dentistry Baltimore, Maryland 
1970–1971   Instructor in Theory and Typodont Courses Division of Graduate Orthodontics Harvard School of Dental Medicine Boston, Massachusetts 
1969–1971   Graduate Fellow in Orthodontics Children’s Hospital Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts 
1969–1971   Postdoctoral Fellow in Orthodontics Harvard School of Dental Medicine Boston, Massachusetts 
1969–1971   Postdoctoral Fellow in Orthodontics Forsyth Dental Center Boston, Massachusetts 
1969–1971   Research Fellow in Department of Anatomy Harvard School of Dental Medicine Boston, Massachusetts  1969–1971   Postdoctoral Certificate (Orthodontics) Harvard School of Dental Medicine Boston, Massachusetts 
1969–1971   Postdoctoral Certificate (Orthodontics) Forsyth Dental Center Boston, Massachusetts 
1969–1970   Research Fellow in United States Department of Public Health Harvard School of Dental Medicine Boston, Massachusetts  
1967–1969  Graduate Study of Physiology and Neuroanatomy Medical College of Wisconsin (Marquette School of      Medicine) Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
1965–1969   Doctor of Dental Surgery Marquette University Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
1961–1965   Baccalaureate of Arts (History and Biology) Marquette University Milwaukee,


1999–2001        Chief Professional Officer Orthodontics Centers of America (OCA) 
1997–Present  President D.O.C. Corporation 
1996–Present  Chief Executive Officer and President Roncone Orthodontics International (ROI) 
1989–Present    Director Practice Management Power Group (PMPG) 
1980–1991        Chairman  San Diego Academy of Occlusion
1980                 Founder San Diego Academy of Occlusion 
1979–1986        Founder/President Society for Occlusal Studies, San Diego, California 
1979–Present  President Orthodontic Practice Management Consultants (OPM) 
1979–1985     Organizer/Instructor Society for Occlusal Studies, Vista, California 
1974- 2003        Private Practice of Orthodontics, Fallbrook, California 
1973–Present    Private Practice of Orthodontics, Vista, California 
1971–1972        Private Practice of Orthodontics, Baltimore, Maryland 
1970–1971        Private Practice of General Dentistry, Boston, Massachusetts 

1998–Present    Consultant Dentsply GAC International, Bohemia, New York 
1994–1997        Consultant 3M Unitek, Monrovia, California  
1986–Present  Clinical research into T.M.J. dysfunction from a statistical perspective: causes,
types, pain, and treatment 
1981–1994        Consultant Ormco Corporation, Glendale, California  
1971–1972        Clinical Evaluation of the Psychology of an Open Bite in Black and Caucasian
1971                 Radiographic Evidence of Root Resorption in Female Patients Using Oral Contraceptives 
1971                 Defense of Thesis: Ultrastructure of Cleft Palate in Rats: An in vitro and in vivo study
1969–1971        Ultrastructure of Cleft Plate in Rats: An in vitro and in vivo study
1968                 Autoradiography of Human Coronal Dentin (Sponsor: Dr. Dennis Weber,
Marquette University, School of Dentistry) 
1967–1969        Pharmacologic Induction of Cleft Palate in Various Strains of Mice and Rats
(Sponsors: Dr. Alvin Rieck, Marquette University, School of Medicine and Dr. Anthony Steffek National Institute for Dental Research) 
1967–1969        Remineralization of Carious Dentin with CMPC  
1967–1969        U.S. Public Health Grant for Histological Research 

American Association of Orthodontists 
American Society of Dentistry for Children 
California Dental Association 
California State Society of Orthodontists 
Delta Sigma Delta Professional Fraternity 
International Association for Dental Research 
Marquette University Alumni Representative 
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists 
Paul Revere Study Club 
San Diego County Dental Society 
San Diego County Orthodontic Study Club

The Harvard Club of San Diego 

1993–1996        Member Board of Directors, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
1991                 Program Chairman, San Diego County Dental Society
1988–1989        Chairman, Continuing Education, San Diego County Dental Society 
1985–1987        Alumni Representative, Marquette University School of Dentistry 
1979                 Founder, San Diego Academy of Occlusion
1975                 President, San Diego County Orthodontic Study Club

1972                 President, Orthodontic Practice Management 
1967–1968        President, Delta Sigma Delta 
1966–1969        Class President, Marquette University, School of Dentistry  
1966–1967        Vice President, Delta Sigma Delta 

American Cancer Society 
1973–1978        Board of Directors, San Diego County 
1973–1978        Board of Directors, Vista/Fallbrook Branch 
1973–1976        Chairman, Vista/Fallbrook Branch 
Rotary Club of Vista, California 
1981–1982        Governor’s Representative 
1979                 Key Note Speaker, Southern California Rotary       Districts’ Leadership
1979–1980        Social Chairman 
1978–1979        Governor’s Representative 
1977–1978        Board of Directors 
1977–1978        President 
1976–1977        Board of Directors 
1976–1977        Vice President 
1975–1976        Board of Directors 
Vista Chamber of Commerce 
1978                 Founded Action Committee 
1978                 Initiated first leadership retreat 
1977–1978        President 
1976–1978        Board of Directors 
1976–1977        Vice President 
1973–1975        Legislative Affairs Chairman 
Boy’s Club of Vista 
1984–1985        President Elect 
1983–1984        Chairman, Annual Fundraiser 
1982                 Co-Chairman, Annual Fundraiser
1980–1985        Board of Directors

1977–1982        Fundraiser 
1980–1990        Community Development Association (CDA)  
1987–1991        Member, Board of Trustees, Tri-City Hospital Foundation 
President, Fallbrook Dental Development Corporation 
City of Vista Redevelopment Chairman 
Member of the Citizens Advisory Committee 

Block Drug Company Senior Essayist Award, Marquette University 
Delta Sigma Delta Senior Scholastic and Leadership Award 
Senior Dental Class Award for Service to Marquette Dental School 
United States Public Health Service Grants for Study of Cleft Palate: 
1969–71           Harvard School of Dental Medicine 
1966–69           Marquette University School of Dentistry 
Alpha Sigma Nu National Jesuit Honorary Fraternity 
Omicron Kappa Upsilon, National Dental Honorary Fraternity 

Who’s Who is American Colleges and Universities? 
Who’s Who in the East? 
Phi Alpha Theta, National History Honorary Society 
1969–71           National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship 
Who’s Who in the West?

More than 30 awards from the Vista Boys Club, Vista Girls Club, Vista Rotary Club, Pop Warner Football Program, Vista Soccer Youth League, and Chamber of Commerce 

Roncone, R. M. 16 Orthodontic Manuals covering every aspect of the practice of orthodontics, 1st edition (1988), New Edition, (2003).

Roncone, R. M. “Orthodontics for the TMJ/TMD Patient: Managing the Dysfunction Patient.” Grummons and Wright (1994).

Roncone, R. M. “Fees.” Clinical Impressions 2.2 (1993).

Roncone, R. M. “Mechanics and Management: Conflict or Compatibility?” Clinical Impressions 1.3 (1992) Ormco CorporationRoncone, R. M. “Management of the Orthodontic Office.” Set of 8 manuals dealing with management, marketing, staffing, training, organizing, communicating, diagnosis, treatment planning, and mechanics, 1989.

Roncone, R. M. “Open Bites: The Non-Genetic Inheritance.” University of Maryland, School of Dentistry, Alumni News

Grewe, J. and Roncone, R.M. “Malocclusion Indices: A Component Analysis Journal of Dental.” Research (1972).

Roncone, R. M. “The Role of Pharmacology in Dentistry Dental Student.” 48:4 (1970).

Roncone, R. M. Reminiscence Editor, Senior Dental Class Yearbook (1969).

Roncone, R. M. “Remineralization of Carious Dentin: A Progress Report.” Marquette Dental Images (1969).

Since 1972, the doctor has presented more than 1,000 lectures and seminars to students, dental assistants, staff members, hygienists, dentists, orthodontists, and physicians in the areas of management, marketing, motivation, mechanotheraphy, and orthodontic/TMJ diagnosis and treatment.  
Presentations have been made to the members of Alaska State Society of Orthodontists, American Association of Orthodontists, American Lingual Orthodontics Association, California Dental Association, Dallas County Dental Society, Great Lakes Society of Orthodontists, Idaho State Dental and Orthodontic Societies, Illinois State Society of Orthodontists, Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists, Northeastern Society of Orthodontists, New England Orthodontic Society Club, Ohio Dental Association, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Pennsylvania State Society of Orthodontists, San Diego County Dental Society, Southern Society of Orthodontists, Toronto Orthodontic Club,  
Tri-County Dental Society of Wisconsin, University of Texas orthodontic Alumni, Bailor, Western Pennsylvania Society of Orthodontists, Wisconsin State Society of Orthodontists, World Society of Lingual Orthodontics, and others.  
Presentations have been made internationally in Australia, Argentina, Canada, Caribbean, China, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, South America, Taiwan, Thailand, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.